Our Mission

The Powell Project’s mission is to fight against, and provide relief from, the extreme and excessive sentencing practices that have come to define the American criminal legal system.  We believe everyone is more than their worst act, that our own humanity is implicated by the way that we treat those who are incarcerated, and that we cannot end mass incarceration until we take an inclusive approach to sentencing reform.

As the most extreme legal sanction available, the death penalty helps define the scale of punishment that American society views as reasonable and fair. It is a deeply flawed sentencing practice that is steeped in a legacy of racial bias and error.  We fight against this excessive sentencing practice by providing capital trial consulting services in select jurisdictions across the country.  Through this work, we seek to empower defense counsel with the resources, training, and tools needed to defeat the death penalty in their cases.

We are also in the early stages of launching a pilot project assisting incarcerated individuals who have been subjected to other excessive and unfair sentences obtain their freedom.  Please check back soon for more information and updates about this program.